KMJ Consulting, Inc. is an innovative WBE/DBE-certified transportation consulting firm founded by Karen Jehanian in 1998. The firm is certified as a WBE in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina.


Karen Jehanian, PE

“I knew in seventh grade that someday I would become an engineer and have my own firm.”

President and owner of KMJ Consulting, Inc., Karen Jehanian believes that engineering is all about creative problem-solving to improve people’s lives.

“We are surrounded by an abundance of engineering marvels that simplify our daily tasks and help us accomplish things we never thought possible. As transportation engineers, we help improve mobility and quality of life for the general population.”

Known for her intellectual curiosity, Karen anticipates challenges and has a passion for problem-solving and uncovering innovative solutions that serve both the public’s needs operationally and the clients’ needs economically.

A member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society of Highway Engineers, and WTS – Advancing Women in Transportation. Karen is also a former board member of the Intelligent Transportation Society of New York and is the former chair of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Pennsylvania.

Karen earned a master of business administration degree and a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA where she is an active alumna, current member of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship External Board, and former member of the Drexel Alumni Association Board of Governors. Karen also serves as a guest lecturer and panelist on engineering, business and leadership topics. In 2002, she was awarded the prestigious Alumni Circle of Distinction Award. She is the 2009 recipient of the Transportation Engineer of the Year award from the Philadelphia Section of The American Society of Civil Engineers.

When she’s not at work, Karen enjoys being outdoors, especially relaxing at the beach. She also likes spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading, biking and playing golf.
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Joanna Reagle

“I enjoy the softer side of engineering – bringing people together to exchange ideas and solve problems so that everyone can benefit. There’s nothing quite like working as a team to overcome transportation challenges for the community at large.”

Joanna approaches every project with a client-focused, proactive and positive attitude. It’s her infectious smile, outgoing personality and exceptional communication skills that make her a pleasure to work with.

A senior project manager at KMJ Consulting, Inc. with more than 20 years of transportation engineering experience, Joanna has managed and participated in numerous projects for both public and private sector clients. She has been responsible for the planning and management of traffic engineering data collection and analyses for planning level studies in a variety of design projects. She has also prepared project documentation, including transportation needs analyses, traffic impact studies and public involvement brochures and summary reports.

“You can perform the analysis and develop a great plan, but if you can’t explain it to the public, then you haven’t done your whole job,” says Joanna, who not only provides a thorough technical analysis of each project, but ensures that it can be easily understood by everyone involved. “At the end of the day, it’s about engaging the public in a positive way to benefit the outcome of the project.”

Joanna earned a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Mid-Atlantic Section.

When she’s not at work, Joanna enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and spending time with her family, including attending and helping out at various school functions and sports activities for her son and daughter. She considers herself a “soccer (and ice skating and lacrosse) mom.”
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Bridget Postlewaite, PE

“I like working in a field that affects people every day. Transportation engineering has an enormous public impact, and being involved in projects that positively shape our community is extremely rewarding.”

A senior project manager at KMJ Consulting, Inc., Bridget has conducted numerous transportation studies, traffic impact and point of access studies, signal retiming and transportation impact fee studies.

Personable and dependable, Bridget exudes a quiet confidence and is known for her analytical thinking and ability to hone in on the details.

“I have always been a very detail-oriented person. Capturing and analyzing data, and working collaboratively in a team to determine the best way to achieve project success, is what I like best about my work.”

Bridget earned a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Mid-Atlantic Section, and WTS – Advancing Women in Transportation.

In her spare time, she plays in an intramural field hockey league in South Jersey and enjoys traveling.
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MWilliams1-webMartin Williams, PE

“A simple thing I appreciate about engineering is the impromptu Q&A session in the field with concerned neighbors who ask what I’m doing. They’re genuinely curious and typically thankful since they have a vested interest in project success. It really adds meaning to our work when you add a human face to it.”

A Project Engineer, Marty has been involved in myriad studies and projects, ranging from traffic signal design, arterial and intersection analysis, to assessing and cataloging historic streets in the City of Philadelphia.

Always the cool analyst, Marty shines in his meticulous attention to both macro-scale project elements and the nitty-gritty details. As a young engineer and master of technology, Marty produces work that is polished with cutting-edge techniques and modern methodology. His focused and collected approach to engineering leads to project accuracy and consistency.

“Civil engineering isn’t a static field. Roads, bridges, and intersections have been around for thousands of years, but they’re evolving every day. We use new tools, new techniques, and new methods to create and augment them. It’s the synthesis of so many different disciplines that unify to create a grand outcome – infrastructure that millions of people use every day.”

Marty earned his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia and is a member of American Society of Highway Engineers and the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Mid-Atlantic Section.

Outside the office, Marty can be found traipsing about in the wilderness up and down the east coast, often accompanied by his dog Xena. Always up for a challenge, he’s been outfitting some serious gear to conquer more technical climbs that involve things like icy waterfalls and frigid weather.
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Justin Ferri

“I’m a big proponent of all things tech. When I see a new promo or read up on new  hardware, I wonder how it can be applied in transportation. I thrive on adapting and applying new techniques to improve efficiency and quality.”

As Technology & Training Team Lead, Justin manages KMJ’s technology applications and information technology needs. He has developed unique applications for specialty clients needs, as well as several mobile applications. Justin has led the cohort in coordinating and organizing the firm’s complex data collection efforts. This ensures quality data as the foundation of our analysis.

Dependable and attentive, Justin excels in problem solving and strives to produce excellent work.

“I’m zealous about finding novel, creative solutions.”

Justin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med from Pennsylvania State University in 2011, and is certified in CompTIA Network+. He has been with KMJ since 2012, and is a fantastic asset to our team.

When he’s not immersed in cyberspace, Justin can be found dabbling at the ice hockey rink, a proud 20 year vet. He’s also an emerging molecular gastronomist and seasoned brewer, putting his biochemistry background to good use.
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