KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter October 2018

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
October 2018


Get to Know Wayne Gibson, KMJ Consulting’s Newest Communications Engineer!


Q: What inspired you to study and practice communications engineering?

A: I was fascinated by the practical uses for big data and the performance improvements that can be made when data is available and analyzed. Improvements in operations can help make customers’ lives easier, safer, or more enjoyable in many industries.

Q: What was the most interesting project you have worked on?

A: I initiated a project to bring wireless coverage to the area surrounding Peddler’s Village (including several neighborhoods and a middle/high school). This effort included directing waveform data collection to assess existing conditions, analyzing data collected, and using analysis results to determine design solutions and select vendor equipment (antennas and wireless radio) which was aesthetically pleasing.

Q: How can you, as a communications engineer, improve mobility?

A: I want to find new ways to shape the future of transportation by establishing connections between infrastructure, technology and drivers. I am passionate about the opportunity to create safer roads and improve the performance of multimodal transportation. Previously, as a Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer at Verizon, I re-designed existing infrastructure for better performance and designed new solutions to expand wireless coverage and capacity.

Q: How can your background contribute to the connected/automated vehicle advancement?

A: Through my previous experience in RF Design and System Performance at AT&T and Verizon, I
designed the wireless infrastructure for southeastern Pennsylvania. Connected vehicles and applications will use the same technologies.

A: As a communications engineer in the civil engineering world, I want to improve connectivity,
productivity, safety, and benefit travelers using multimodal transportation within an urban
environment. I am excited to be a bridge between the wireless industry and the transportation

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Playing and watching soccer, traveling and cooking.


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