KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter Summer 2016

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter 

Summer 2016

i95 2I-95 Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Conference 

Justin Ferri, IT Specialist II, participated in the I-95 Corridor Coalition (I-95 CC) Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Conference in Baltimore, MD on June 21-22, 2016. More than 200 attendees from 112 agencies in the I-95 CC region and beyond convened to discuss Connected and Autonomous Vehicle benefits, recent progress, and next steps. Topics ranged from NHTSA regulations to Mobility-on-Demand financial feasibility, and everything in-between.

IMG_50912Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station District Plan Revealed 

AMTRAK, Drexel University, SEPTA and Brandywine Realty Trust joined together to complete a District Joint Master Plan for 30th Street Station. This Plan lays the ground work for development, connectivity, and community. Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station serves as a gateway for millions of transit users each year. KMJ, as part of the WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff consulting team, has evaluated the existing and future traffic conditions in the District.  Learn More about the Plan here 

KJ Taking the Lead PodcastPhotoWomen Taking the Lead: Karen Jehanian on Leading a Collaborative Team

Karen Jehanian recently shared her inspiration, motivation and leadership style with Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead Podcast, Listen Here


ITS-NY- 2016 195


Karen Jehanian receives ITS-NY Board Services Recognition Award 




BP- Newsletter


Bridget Postlewaite was recognized as a GVF Top TDM Professional






Quote of the Day 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Communications Tip

Communication in the Office

  • Determine the appropriate form of communication. It should be based on the subject and the timeframe.
  • Pick up the Phone – the message will be more clear and many questions may be resolved up front.
  • Speak in person (if possible) – it allows for understanding of body language (do they still look confused after you have explained it?)
  • Send an Email – remember to state the purpose, any action you would like the recipient to take (up front) and give a timeframe for any action.
  • No matter how you communicate – Follow Up! 

KMJ is Hiring! Project Engineer & TMC Technician Openings


April 2016 Newsletter

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter 

April 2016

Karen Jehanian featured on Drexel University’s Starters Review Podcast 

DSC_0054Karen Jehanian recently sat down for a conversation with Donna DeCarolis, founding Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University. Dean DeCarolis launched her podcast series, ‘The Starter’s Review,’ as a forum for discussion with Philly’s top innovators and entrepreneurs. A Drexel University Engineering alumna herself, Karen has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but honed her skills in the Drexel Executive MBA program. Karen made her dreams of starting her own business a reality in 1998, when KMJ Consulting, Inc. (KMJ) came into play. KMJ has flourished into a premier transportation engineering, planning and consulting firm. As an entrepreneur, Karen has developed her business intellect to create a collaborative culture at KMJ. The atmosphere at KMJ is generated from Karen, promoting a supportive camaraderie among the staff. Quality content, writing, and communication skills are paramount in all of KMJ’s efforts. “As one of the youngest in the firm, Karen has enabled me with the tools and confidence to, as she would say, ‘Make it Happen’ “- Emily White, Marketing Coordinator. Employees are encouraged to explore their passion, while achieving individual and team goals. Watch & Listen to hear as Karen explains her mantra: get out of your comfort zone and take the risk!


Lunch & Learn Series

KMJ’s Lunch & Learn series offers an opportunity for employees to present on subjects they are passionate about, while educating the staff. Justin Ferri, IT Specialist II, led the team through a discussion about Connected and Automated Vehicles. Justin provided updates and insight on the advancements of this technology and how it will shape the future of transportation.

Quote of the Day 

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo, Poet

Communications Tip

On Communication with Co-Workers

  • Value the relationship
  • Treat each other with respect – including each other’s TIME
  • Positive interactions between co-workers make for an encouraging and pleasant work environment!

KMJ is Hiring! Project Engineer & TMC Technician Openings


March 2016 Newsletter

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter 

March 2016

KMJ Shares Experiences and Insights with Drexel Engineering Students

Drexel Group

Drexel Class of 1982 Alumni, Karen Jehanian and Darin Gatti (Chief Engineer and President of the Board of Surveyors for the Philadelphia Streets Department) along with several KMJ staff members brought their expertise and work experience to Drexel’s CIVE 585 class. It was a learning experience for both KMJ’s staff and Drexel’s students.

The guest lecture session was broken down into several categories, each relating to a different facet of Urban Transportation Engineering.

Darin began the class with an overview on Complete Streets and how the Philadelphia Streets Department is adapting to an ever-changing urban landscape. Marty Williams spoke on his experience with curb ramp design specifically the Historic Street Project in Philadelphia. Marty engaged the students in a real-world conversation on ADA Ramps. He noted – “anyone can become disabled and rely on ADA ramps for mobility. It is our responsibility as civil engineers to provide accessibility to all members of the community.” Justin Ferri gave students insight on Transit Signal Priority and how it improves mobility and assists the shift toward a more universal multimodal transportation. Bridget Postlewaite brought real-life urban traffic engineering issues to the students by exploring the 30th Street Station Master Plan.

The students were also given vital tips on communicating in a professional setting. Joanna Reagle emphasized the importance of communications with clients, colleagues and peers to get positive results. Darin demonstrated two methods of presenting to the public, the ineffective way and the much more effective manner showing that it is not just the data/analyses you provide but how you do it that matters. The session was engaging and interactive with several students staying after to ask further questions.

Field trip to Signal Service, Inc.

Signal Services Group 2KMJ visited Signal Service, Inc. of West Chester, PA for a tour and information session. Signal Service representatives gave KMJ staff an update on Synchro Green Adaptive Signal Management Software, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer) detection for vehicles/pedestrians/bicycles, Trafficware Pod Magnetometer, and Campbell Audible Pedestrian Stations for crosswalks. This session provided a collaborative forum on traffic signal design and traffic engineering.

 Quote of the Day 

“Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes conditions perfect”– Alan Cohen, writer and motivational speaker

Email Communications Tip

  • State the purpose and action needed up front
  • Give the response timeframe
  • Be professional – email replaces a letter
  • Write it, then, look at it three times!
    – Read it
    – Read it aloud
    – Read it backwards

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February 2016 Newsletter

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter 

February 2016

KMJ Team Goes to Transportation Camp & TRB

Karen_Justin @TRBOn January 9-12, 2016, KMJ team members participated in Transportation Camp then TRB in Washington D.C.! These few days provided a very informative discussion on automated and connected vehicles and the future of transportation.

“Transportation Camp was a unique experience with the attendees creating the sessions themselves. It worked beautifully and there was an incredible variety of topics, panels and idea sharing with innovative transportation minds.” — Martin Williams, EIT, Traffic/Design Specialist II

Justin Ferri, IT Specialist II, presented at Camp on the web-based application (the Transportation Information Gateway) that he is currently working on as part of the project team for the New York Metropolitan Council (NYMTC). KMJ fosters constructive dialogue between NYMTC Stakeholders and the Cambridge Systematics development team.

Quote of the Day 

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” — Vince Lombardi 

Communications Tip

Communicate – It is a verb, it is a word that requires you to take ACTION

Methods of Communicating

  1. Primary- verbally in person or on the phone
  2. Secondary- in writing

Whether you choose verbal or written communication, it pays to follow up with the other method.

Remember to smile while you do it!

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