Congratulations to our new Senior Engineer, Martin Williams, PE!

Always the cool analyst, Marty shines in his meticulous attention to both macro-scale project elements and the nitty-gritty details. As a young engineer and master of technology, Marty produces work that is polished with cutting-edge techniques and modern methodology. His focused and collected approach to engineering leads to project accuracy and consistency. Marty is also a member of the ASCE-YMF Board serving as Community Service Chair.

“I am delighted to recognize Marty for his contribution to KMJ!

His excellent attention to detail has contributed to many successful projects.” – Karen Jehanian


Congratulations to our new directors Joanna Reagle and Bridget Postlewaite!

Joanna Reagle is now Director, Public and Stakeholder Engagement and Bridget Postlewaite, PE is now Director, Transportation Engineering Services.

“I am super excited to recognize Joanna and Bridget for their contribution to KMJ! They are both dedicated to the success of our clients and to development of our staff.” – Karen Jehanian

KMJ Welcomes Esther Kleit and Kiera Crenny!

KMJ Consulting Inc. is proud to welcome the two newest members of our team, Esther Kleit and Kiera Crenny! They joined KMJ last summer as a Web Coordinator and Traffic/Design Specialist II, respectively.

Esther graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship in 2020, and Kiera graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 2018.  You can learn more about them in our March 2021 Newsletter!


KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter June 2019

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
June 2019


“KMJ Consulting, Inc. is honored to be a part of the award winning Philip Street team!” – Karen Jehanian, President.

On June 5, 2019, Rich Montanez, Deputy Commissioner of Transportation, City of Philadelphia accepted a Grand Jury Award for restoration from the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia at the 2019 Preservation Achievement Awards. KMJ along with Gilmore & Associates, and Olivieri & Associates played a role in the reconstruction of historic Philip Street.

KMJ designed two curb ramps at the intersection of Philip Street/Delancey Street for this reconstruction project. Small historic streets present a number of design challenges, such as proximity of existing buildings and staircases as well as underground vaults. Close coordination and collaboration between and among the City of Philadelphia, Gilmore & Associates, and KMJ was critical for the successful implementation of this project. Kudos to Olivieri & Associates for exceeding expectations of the residents along Philip Street.

In addition to the Grand Jury Award, the reconstruction of Philip Street has also been awarded the Local Government Initiative Award from Preservation Pennsylvania to be presented at the 2019 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony being held on Wednesday, June 19th.


KMJ Consulting, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years!

Celebrate 20 Years with KMJ Consulting, Inc.

A Message from Karen Jehanian

20 years ago, I put pen to paper and began the journey to turn my professional dream into reality… KMJ Consulting, Inc. was born!

As we are in Thanksgiving week, it is even more appropriate to express my ongoing thanks and gratitude to our team, our clients and my family and friends! Working together has been a gift I will treasure always!

Follow along with us for weekly posts sharing our experiences along the way. There will be throwbacks, thank yous and lots of gratitude!

Starting Now!


KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter October 2018

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
October 2018


Get to Know Wayne Gibson, KMJ Consulting’s Newest Communications Engineer!


Q: What inspired you to study and practice communications engineering?

A: I was fascinated by the practical uses for big data and the performance improvements that can be made when data is available and analyzed. Improvements in operations can help make customers’ lives easier, safer, or more enjoyable in many industries.

Q: What was the most interesting project you have worked on?

A: I initiated a project to bring wireless coverage to the area surrounding Peddler’s Village (including several neighborhoods and a middle/high school). This effort included directing waveform data collection to assess existing conditions, analyzing data collected, and using analysis results to determine design solutions and select vendor equipment (antennas and wireless radio) which was aesthetically pleasing.

Q: How can you, as a communications engineer, improve mobility?

A: I want to find new ways to shape the future of transportation by establishing connections between infrastructure, technology and drivers. I am passionate about the opportunity to create safer roads and improve the performance of multimodal transportation. Previously, as a Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer at Verizon, I re-designed existing infrastructure for better performance and designed new solutions to expand wireless coverage and capacity.

Q: How can your background contribute to the connected/automated vehicle advancement?

A: Through my previous experience in RF Design and System Performance at AT&T and Verizon, I
designed the wireless infrastructure for southeastern Pennsylvania. Connected vehicles and applications will use the same technologies.

A: As a communications engineer in the civil engineering world, I want to improve connectivity,
productivity, safety, and benefit travelers using multimodal transportation within an urban
environment. I am excited to be a bridge between the wireless industry and the transportation

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Playing and watching soccer, traveling and cooking.


KMJ Consulting, Inc. August 2018 Newsletter

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
August 2018


KMJ Team Members Complete the Dale Carnegie Course!

KMJ Consulting, Inc. team members have each completed the Dale Carnegie course. “KMJ’s core values emanate from Dale Carnegie. The course provides leadership and life training focused on creating authentic and meaningful business and personal relationships.” – Karen Jehanian, President. This program has served to galvanize KMJ staff enabling us to work together harmoniously and achieve the goals of our clients.

Dale Carnegie = Growth!


KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter June 2018

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
June 2018


Get to know KMJ Consulting, Inc!

In 2.5 minutes…learn what inspires us, why we do what we do and what our clients say about us.


American Street Interview with Karen Jehanian

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
January 2018


An Interview with Karen Jehanian, President

KMJ Consulting, Inc. had the privilege of working with Gilmore & Associates, Inc., JMT and others on the transformative American Street Improvement Project. Please read the interview with Karen Jehanian below.

Interviewer (I): Tell us about the project

Karen Jehanian (KJ): The City of Philadelphia received federal funding to make improvements along American Street between Girard and Indiana Avenues. This fast-tracked TIGER project is situated along a nearly two mile section of American Street that traverses several communities, two councilmanic districts and is home to numerous businesses. Improvements to the pedestrian environment are achieved through reduced street crossing distances.  One lane of traffic in each direction will be provided along with bike lanes and parking lanes. Median treatments along American Street will vary but will include Green Stormwater Infrastructure (through a bio-swale or landscaped median) or a striped median where needed to facilitate access to properties. Updates will also be made to the pavement striping, signage, and lighting along the corridor.

I: What is different about the project?

KJ: The maintenance and protection of traffic aspect of the project required coordination with both the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT.   All work must be completed while maintaining all modes of travel along the corridor as well as access to all businesses.

I: What was KMJ Consulting’s role?

KJ: KMJ was responsible for all aspects of Stakeholder and Public Engagement, development of construction sequencing, preparation of maintenance and protection of traffic plans as well as design of ADA ramps at select intersections along the corridor.

We were delighted to work with our Prime, Gilmore & Associates, Inc, as well as Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT) on this exciting project. The project sponsors, City of Philadelphia Department of Streets, the Philadelphia Water Department and Commerce Department worked together in an integrated fashion, putting the project needs first.

I: Is stakeholder engagement a new practice area for KMJ?

KJ: KMJ senior staff have been performing stakeholder engagement as part of major and sometimes controversial transportation projects for the past 25 years. Recently, we have had the opportunity to focus more attention on this practice area and prioritize stakeholder engagement as a service area for KMJ. Having the lead role on the American Street stakeholder engagement process enabled us to apply our “secret sauce” recipe, which of course I will not divulge here. That said, we worked hand-in-hand with the entire consulting and agency project team to develop and execute a public engagement program that met the project needs.

I: What made the stakeholder engagement successful?

KJ: The project was the priority! All team members worked as one project-focused team. Here are some key aspects:

  • Demonstrated that their (the public) concerns were heard
  • Provided a safe place for comments
  • Created a community-like atmosphere
  • Accommodated needs of the attendees

I: Do you have any final thoughts?

KJ: I wish every project had the same high level of teamwork, technical expertise and client involvement and support.


Newsletter Summer 2017

KMJ Consulting, Inc. Newsletter
Summer 2017

Bridget Postlewaite is now a Senior Project Manager

Bridget Postlewaite, P.E., has been promoted to Senior Project Manager. “Bridget’s willingness to go the extra mile for our clients and staff exemplifies KMJ’s core values. I am excited to see her continue to grow and to mentor our staff.” – Karen Jehanian, President. Bridget excels in capturing and analyzing data and working collaboratively in a team to achieve project success. Please join us in congratulating Bridget!

Martin Williams is promoted to Project Engineer 

Martin Williams, a registered P.E., was recently promoted to Project Engineer. “Marty is a reliable, responsible and detail-orientated engineer,” said Karen Jehanian, President. He has designed dozens of curb ramps and traffic signals for the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT. Marty is currently working on MPT, ADA curb ramps, and traffic signal designs related to projects for the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT D6. Congratulations to Marty!

KMJ welcomes their newest team members!

Welcome to the Team, Nicole Procknow

Nicole Procknow is KMJ’s new Marketing Coordinator. Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Cabrini University located in Radnor, Pennsylvania. As an undergrad, Nicole marketed events for regional philanthropies including the American Lung Association, Congenital Heart Defect for Kids, and Feeding America. “Nicole will be working with many of our clients on KMJ’s proposal submissions as well as other projects involving stakeholder outreach. Please join me in welcoming Nicole.”- Karen Jehanian, President.

  Welcome to the Team, Nana Fares

“Transportation engineering makes me feel like I am contributing positively to society. I could not think of a greater feeling to experience every day for the rest of my life.” As an entry level Traffic/Design Specialist, Nana will be involved in many of KMJ’s projects. Nana earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University. “Nana is a bright and energetic young engineering graduate. Please join me in welcoming her to the KMJ traffic engineering crew.” – Karen Jehanian, President.

Customer Service Tip 

Be prompt, polite, and proactive.

Create a brand that is so strong and compelling it makes your customers think of you more as a partner than a vendor. Listen to both current and future needs of clients in order to provide them with effective solutions. Proactive service is doing something for your customers before they know they need it.