Leadership Letters – Z


The time at which something is most powerful or successful. When you reach this point, set your next goal.


Leadership Letters – Y


It begins and ends with “you” – every day, every way.  Yes, we must work with others to achieve our goals, but every interaction begins with us.  As the entrepreneur, the leader, we set the stone, set the stage, set the table


Leadership Letters – X


Count to ten to keep your cool


Leadership Letters – W


Strive for a win-win in each encounter or negotiation. It is always possible. Just know what you are willing to give up and compromise. The people and relationships are more important.


Leadership Letters – V


Is your idea viable? Do you understand your customer? Is there a market for your product/service? Can you create a market?


Leadership Letters – U


As the leader of your team, you need to be a unifier. This does not translate to homogeneity, but rather a blend of thoughts that lead to action that result in a product or service. Be a unifier of your team and it will move forward productivity.


Leadership Letters – T


You are the average of the five people around you. Your friends, family, colleagues, and others you surround yourself with are a part of your team. Choose them carefully.
Since no one can go it alone, be sure your team is diverse in thoughts, but with a shared and common goal.


Leadership Letters – S


Your smile is your calling card and in every interpersonal experience, even over the telephone. It helps to “begin in a friendly way” – Dale Carnegie
It is a door opener, and also serves to engage. So Smile. Stay focused. Say thank you. Stay out of the way.


Leadership Letters – R


These are three items that belong on the to-do list of every entrepreneur!
Relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation are keys to creativity and fuel the thought process.


Leadership Letters – Q


In the quiet of the early morning, I find answers.  In the quiet of the late afternoon sun, I find answers.  In the quiet of the night, I find answers. Quiet gives peace, gives rest, gives rebirth and renewal.