KMJ Educates aspiring engineers through experience and insight

Drexel Class of 1982 Alumni, Karen Jehanian, PE and Darin Gatti, PE (Chief Engineer and President of the Board of Surveyors for the Philadelphia Streets Department) along with several KMJ staff members brought their expertise and work experience to Drexel’s Urban Transportation class. This marks the fifth year KMJ has guest lectured at Drexel and as always, it was a learning experience for both KMJ’s staff and Drexel’s engineering students.
KMJ brought real-world situations to the various topics below, giving students a greater understanding on the ever-changing world of engineering.

•Presenting one’s self
•ADA Curb Ramps
•Connected and Automated Vehicles
•Innovative Intersections

“Students were engaged and interested in our first-hand experience in both the technical and communication presentations” – Karen Jehanian, President


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