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Karen Jehanian featured on Starters Review Podcast

DSC_0054Ardmore, Pennsylvania (April 8, 2016)- Karen Jehanian recently sat down for a conversation with Donna DeCarolis, founding Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University. Dean DeCarolis launched her podcast series, ‘The Starter’s Review,’ as a forum for discussion with Philly’s top innovators and entrepreneurs. A Drexel University Engineering alumna herself, Karen has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but honed her skills in the Drexel Executive MBA program. Karen made her dreams of starting her own business a reality in 1998, when KMJ Consulting, Inc. (KMJ) came into play. KMJ has flourished into a premier transportation engineering, planning and consulting firm.  As an entrepreneur, Karen has developed her business intellect to create a collaborative culture at KMJ. The atmosphere at KMJ is generated from Karen, promoting a supportive camaraderie among the staff. Quality content, writing, and communication skills are paramount in all of KMJ’s efforts. “As one of the youngest in the firm, Karen has enabled me with the tools and confidence to, as she would say, ‘Make it Happen’ “- Emily White, Marketing Coordinator. Employees are encouraged to explore their passion, while achieving individual and team goals. Watch & Listen to hear as Karen explains her mantra: get out of your comfort zone and take the risk!


KMJ Shares Experiences and Insights with Drexel Engineering Students

Drexel GroupArdmore, Pennsylvania (March 2, 2016) - Drexel Class of 1982 Alumni, Karen Jehanian and Darin Gatti (Chief Engineer and President of the Board of Surveyors for the Philadelphia Streets Department) along with several KMJ staff members brought their expertise and work experience to Drexel’s CIVE 585 class. It was a learning experience for both KMJ’s staff and Drexel’s students.

The guest lecture session was broken down into several categories, each relating to a different facet of Urban Transportation Engineering.

Darin began the class with an overview on Complete Streets and how the Philadelphia Streets Department is adapting to an ever-changing urban landscape. Marty Williams spoke on his experience with curb ramp design specifically with the Historic Street Project in Philadelphia. Marty engaged the students in a real-world conversation on ADA Ramps. He noted – “anyone can become disabled and rely on ADA ramps for mobility. It is our responsibility as civil engineers to provide accessibility to all members of the community.” Justin Ferri gave students insight on Transit Signal Priority and how it improves mobility and assists the shift toward a more universal multimodal transportation. Bridget Postlewaite brought real-life urban traffic engineering issues to the students by exploring the 30th Street Station Master Plan.

The students were also given vital tips on communicating in a professional setting. Joanna Reagle emphasized the importance of communications with clients, colleagues and peers to get positive results. Darin demonstrated two methods of presenting to the public, the ineffective way and the much more effective manner showing that it is not just the data/analyses you provide but how you do it that matters. The session was engaging and interactive with several students staying after to ask further questions.


KMJ Takes a Trip to Signal Service, Inc.

Signal Services Group 2Ardmore, Pennsylvania (February 23, 2016) – KMJ visited Signal Service, Inc. of West Chester, PA. for a tour and information session. Signal Service representatives gave KMJ staff an update on Synchro Green Adaptive Signal Management Software, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer) detection for vehicles/pedestrians/bicycles, Trafficware Pod Magnetometer, and Campbell Audible Pedestrian Stations for crosswalks.This session provided a collaborative forum on traffic signal design and traffic engineering.


KMJ Team goes to Transportation Camp & TRB

Karen_Justin @TRB On January 9-12, 2016, KMJ team members participated in Transportation Camp then TRB in Washington D.C.! These few days provided a very informative discussion on automated and connected vehicles and the future of transportation.

“Transportation Camp was a unique experience with the attendees creating the sessions themselves. It worked beautifully and there was an incredible variety of topics, panels and idea sharing with innovative transportation minds.” — Martin Williams, EIT, Traffic/Design Specialist II

Justin Ferri, IT Specialist II, presented at Camp on the web-based application (the Transportation Information Gateway) that he is currently working on as part of the project team for the New York Metropolitan Council (NYMTC). KMJ fosters constructive dialogue between NYMTC Stakeholders and the Cambridge Systematics development team.


KMJ is pleased to announce Three Staff Promotions

BRIDGET web 2 SMALLBridget Postlewaite, P.E. has been promoted to Project Manager

Bridget is dedicated to client satisfaction and product quality. She is currently working on design projects for PennDOT and the City of Philadelphia. Bridget is now a licensed P.E. in New Jersey!

Learn more about Bridget’s Experience 




martinwilliamsMartin Williams, EIT has been promoted to Traffic/Design Specialist II

Marty is working on a complex ADA ramp design project for the City of Philadelphia and has contributed his talent to various signal design projects for PennDOT.

Learn More about Marty’s Experience



Justin headshot 147x211 Justin Ferri has been promoted to IT Specialist II

Justin is working on transportation related software development projects for New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC).

Learn more about Justin’s Experience



Please Join us in Congratulating Bridget, Marty and Justin! 


KMJ Consulting, Inc. Recognized as WTS Employer of the Year

Karen WTS photoArdmore, Pennsylvania (December 22, 2015) – KMJ Consulting, Inc. (KMJ) is pleased to be recognized as WTS Philadelphia Employer of the Year. The 2015 Employer of the Year award acknowledges an employer, who empowers women to lead major initiatives, encourage career and personal development, support the growth of women students to enter the transportation industry, and supports the WTS organization.

“I founded KMJ with the intention of creating an atmosphere that inspires creativity; where we care about our work product, but also about each other and our clients. I am grateful to be working with a group of people who make coming to work fun and who genuinely care about each other. –This award is dedicated to them–” Karen Jehanian, P.E., President, KMJ Consulting, Inc.

For over 35 years, WTS Philadelphia has been focused on promoting the development and advancement of women in the transportation industry. WTS laid out the red carpet on December 10th in the Philadelphia Crystal Tea Room to honor the distinguished awardees. Among the recipients was Mark Gale, A.A.E., CEO Philadelphia International Airport, Jeff Knueppel, P.E., General Manager SEPTA, Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), Indego Bike Share, Erica Antoine, P.E., and Megan Ryerson, Ph.D. Each of these recipients exemplifies the importance and recognition of women in the transportation field; and we are honored to be in the same category as these individuals and the organizations they represent.


KMJ announces Open Position for Project Engineer/Project Planner


The Ladies of KMJ at the PA Conference for Women!




6 Key Elements of Leadership

Todd ParkerTodd Parker, Major, U.S. Army (Retired), fitness industry leader and former Pro Triathlete sat down with the KMJ Consulting, Inc. (KMJ) team to discuss Leadership. Having 20 years of experience in the United States Army, Todd knows a thing or two about motivating the troops. While the Army and KMJ are on two vastly different ends of the spectrum, leadership is a common theme.



Here are six key takeaways from our time with Todd:

1. Do the Right Thing
A simple yet whole hearted statement from Todd on what his core values are as a leader and individual. As a leader, you are the point person who may be in charge of 10 people or 100 people, either way they will look to you for making the ethical and moral decisions.

2. Trust Your Team
Once a project comes across your desk, think of the end result first. Backwards planning will allow the leader to delegate tasks, and trust employees to get the work done. Proper training and mentorship will ensure the project’s success and the team’s satisfaction.

3. Leaders need to listen
Listening, a simple task that often gets lost in translation. Todd believes listening is the key to leadership success. Giving your full attention and clearing your own thoughts will allow creativity to flow.

4. Reward Your Team
Keep ‘em happy, talk to your team and find out how they are motivated. Whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic, everyone is motivated by something. Receiving a note in their inbox, or letting them know they are doing a great job can be an instant mood booster.

5. Everyone Can Lead
Your boss can not do it all, and needs your input. As a junior engineer, private, or Vice President, do not be afraid to speak up. Those in the trenches often see a different side of a situation; getting information from the ground floor will contribute to the organization’s success.

6. Take Care of Your Team and Your Team Will Take Care of You
Its life or death on the battlefield, and you never want to standing alone in the corporate world either. Just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you can’t be a teammate, working side by side. Showing them you truly care will create confidence and build trust.


Rutgers University Student Spends the Day at KMJ!

LanaSharp_RutgersIs Engineering right for me?
How will I know what to major in?
What is it like to be a woman in the engineering industry?
How does one get experience without a job?

These are just some of the questions that pass through the mind of a freshman woman considering a career in engineering. Lana Sharp, a Rutgers University student, stopped by one summer day and got the answers.

She rotated through the day filled with information, technology, calculations, analysis, and interviews and of course a great team lunch! This is what Lana Sharp had to say about the visit:“It’s one thing to study engineering; but getting a chance to actually see individuals at work and hear what they do is invaluable to someone in my position.I’m excited for the possibility that some day I too may have an opportunity to positively impact society like those at KMJ.”

Thank you Lana for stopping by. We enjoyed your visit!

If you know a student interested in transportation or engineering, we are happy to schedule a visit. For more information, please contact Emily White at