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Karen Jehanian interview for ROG Midyear Perspective

KJ Office-1“I recently had the pleasure of sharing some insights on the state of our industry in 2017. I was honored to be among several first generation leaders of A/E firms to discuss successes and challenges for companies with less than 50 employees. Steve Gido (Rusk O’Brien Gido) interviewed six niche and specialized firms run by first generation founders to find out how these smaller firms are faring and what makes them successful.” Karen Jehanian, President. Throughout the article each firm owner also shared advice for those thinking of starting their own firm. Take a look at some of the wisdom these folks shared: Read More


KMJ Staff Mentors Aspiring Engineer

Laura Nellis PhotoStaff members at KMJ Consulting, Inc. talked with West Virginia University student, Laura Nellis, about what it’s like to be a civil engineer. Laura had an opportunity to ask questions and chat with Bridget Postlewaite, PE, Sr. Project Manager, Marty Williams, PE, Project Engineer, and William Jeffrey, Traffic/Design Specialist I. Will offered the following advice to Laura, “people who become successful start by asking thoughtful questions, making recommendations, offering help and reaching out to people.” He also explained that “impacting lives by improving safety on our streets is one of the main reasons he appreciates transportation engineering.”


Welcome to the team, Nicole Procknow!

nicole websiteNicole Procknow is KMJ’s new Marketing Coordinator! Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Cabrini University located in Radnor, Pennsylvania. As an undergrad, Nicole marketed events for regional philanthropies including the American Lung Association, Congenital Heart Defect for kids, and Feeding America. “Nicole will be working with many of our clients on KMJ’s proposal submissions as well as other projects involving stakeholder outreach. Please join me in welcoming Nicole!”- Karen Jehanian, President


Welcome to the team, Nana Fares!

Nana Website Photo“Transportation engineering makes me feel like I am contributing positively to society. I could not think of a greater feeling to experience every day for the rest of my life.” As an entry level Traffic/Design Specialist, Nana will be involved in many of KMJ’s projects. Nana earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University. “Nana is a bright and energetic young engineering graduate. Please join me in welcoming her to the KMJ traffic engineering crew.” – Karen Jehanian, President


Bridget Postlewaite is now a Senior Project Manager!

BPostlewaite21-e1499715437878Bridget Postlewaite, P.E., has been promoted to Senior Project Manager! “Bridget’s willingness to go the extra mile for our clients and staff exemplifies KMJ’s core values. I am excited to see her continue to grow and to mentor our staff.” – Karen Jehanian, President. Bridget excels in capturing and analyzing data and working collaboratively in a team to achieve project success. Please join us in congratulating Bridget!


Martin Williams has been promoted to Project Engineer!

mw1Martin Williams, a registered P.E. was recently promoted to Project Engineer! “Marty is a reliable, responsible and detail-orientated engineer” said Karen Jehanian, President. He has designed dozens of Curb Ramps and Traffic Signals for the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT. Marty is currently working on the MPT, ADA curb ramps, and traffic signal designs related to projects for the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT D6. Congratulations to Marty!


Looking Back…a conversation with Karen Jehanian

By Emily A. White 

What drove you to start KMJ?

I was raised in a community of entrepreneurs. My father owned his own business, and my Armenian immigrant grandparents had a powerful work ethic. By the time, I was in 7th grade I knew I wanted to own an engineering firm. I landed in Civil Engineering at Drexel University. The co-op program provided a source of inspiration and real-world understanding. As I progressed in my career, I knew that I wanted to have a different work experience and provide a different cultural experience for others as well. So, I sought out opportunities to learn the business side of the business. When the opportunity to take this leap presented itself, I seized it! This wasn’t always a walk in the park but it has led me to where we are now almost 20 years later!

How has your leadership style shaped KMJ?

My leadership style has evolved over the years. Growing up I was a ‘bossy’ kid, and I realized there is a different way to go about things. The attitude I put out as a leader is the attitude I will receive. I care deeply about people, how they work and how they can achieve their own goals. We are a collaborative team, and I give my employees a sense of autonomy and trust. I like to promote an atmosphere of supportive camaraderie among the staff.

What is the culture like?

One of the main reasons I started KMJ was to create a friendly and creative environment and I believe we have achieved that. At KMJ we have a Lunch & Learn series where employees are encouraged to lead a topic they are passionate about in our industry. We are not just growing as a stronger team, but growing individually as well. We work hard to make it work but it’s not hard work.

What does being a civil engineer mean to you?

In our field, we are given the choice to perform our civic and civil duty. Associating our work to real-life situations makes this work very meaningful. For instance, designing ADA Curb Ramps. You may not think anything of it when you are talking a walk around town but for those in a wheelchair this is a vital resource. When you get to the heart of it and understand the ‘Why’ behind these plans and studies there is a real benefit to our society. This is very powerful and I keep it at the forefront of our work. It is not just the plans and studies but much more.

What is one piece of advice you would give those entering the work force?  

Be the “go to” person! Be indispensable! This is an attitude and a mindset. It means being growth oriented and solution seeking in your area of influence.

What is your definition of success?

Many people define success as attaining a particular stature or earning financial rewards. For me it has always been about achieving a just goal with integrity. I have found that in doing so, the other elements fall into place.


KMJ Lunch & Learn

112KMJ’s Lunch & Learn series offers an opportunity for employees to present on subjects they are passionate about, while educating the staff. Joanna Reagle and Bridget Postlewaite, Project Managers, led the team through a discussion on communication, business etiquette, and “What managers want to see”. They provided insight on how to clearly and effectively execute a project from start to finish.


KMJ Educates aspiring engineers through experience and insight

Drexel Class of 1982 Alumni, Karen Jehanian, PE and Darin Gatti, PE (Chief Engineer and President of the Board of Surveyors for the Philadelphia Streets Department) along with several KMJ staff members brought their expertise and work experience to Drexel’s Urban Transportation class. This marks the fifth year KMJ has guest lectured at Drexel and as always, it was a learning experience for both KMJ’s staff and Drexel’s engineering students.
KMJ brought real-world situations to the various topics below, giving students a greater understanding on the ever-changing world of engineering.

•Presenting one’s self
•ADA Curb Ramps
•Connected and Automated Vehicles
•Innovative Intersections

“Students were engaged and interested in our first-hand experience in both the technical and communication presentations” – Karen Jehanian, President


KMJ Team attends TRB!

kj-Jf-TRBOn January 7-9, 2017, KMJ team members attended Transportation Camp and TRB in Washington, D.C. The conferences highlighted various trending topics in transportation such as integrated corridor management, connected and automated vehicles, and what to expect from the upcoming Trump/Chao administration.

“It is exciting to get together with a multidisciplinary crowd each year and talk about transportation issues. When you have planners, engineers, utilities experts, technologists, lawyers, and financial analysts in the same room talking about a complex issue, the synergy of ideas effects broader understanding, mutual respect, and a real feeling of progress.” – Justin Ferri, IT Specialist II