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    • WTS High School Student Shadow

      WTS High School Student Shadow

      (Ardmore, August 22, 2019) - KMJ Consulting was excited to have high school student, Emily Bannan, shadow our office for the day. “It was a true delight to meet and spend time with Emily. WTS has another hit with its Shadowing program!” – Karen Jehanian, President.
    • Altomari Entrepreneurship Camp

      Altomari Entrepreneurship Camp

      (Ardmore, June 26, 2019) - "I had the honor to share my entrepreneurship story with a group of young women attending the Altomari Entrepreneurship Camp. They were insightful and eager to learn. I find I always learn something when mingling with young entrepreneurs. Thank you to The Close School for inviting me!" Karen Jehanian
    • ITS America June 2019

      ITS America June 2019

      (Washington, DC - June 7, 2019) - Karen Jehanian recently attended the #ITSDC2019 and moderated the session TS08: Better Operations From Data Collection and Analysis. Presentations during this session ranged from “Best Practices for Rural Transit Customer Communications” to “Little Devices Making Big Impacts: Augmenting the PANYNJ’s ‘phones-as-probes’ Operational Strategy Using GPS Beacons and an Integrated Suite of Strategic Data Products.” “The session discussion was lively and thought provoking!” – Karen Jehanian
    • 2019 Preservation Achievement Awards

      2019 Preservation Achievement Awards

      (Ardmore, PA June 4, 2019) – KMJ Consulting is excited to attend the 2019 Preservation Achievement Awards being held on June 5, 2019. KMJ along with Gilmore & Associates, Olivieri & Associates, and Philadelphia Department of Streets, will be accepting a Grand Jury Award for the reconstruction of historic Philip Street. KMJ designed two curb ramps at Philip Street and Delancey Street for this project. To learn more about KMJ's work on curb ramps, click here!


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Transportation Engineering

Mobility is one driver to the economic engine in a region. KMJ has been an innovative contributor on transportation engineering assignments that improve mobility in the region and beyond. We have successfully completed projects in the realm of traffic engineering and signal design, and transportation planning for PennDOT, The City of Philadelphia, DelDOT, NJDOT, the Philadelphia International Airport, and others. Read more

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems play a key role in reducing congestion, increasing safety, and improving mobility. KMJ Consulting, Inc. has been involved with national and regional-level ITS programs and has contributed toward state of the practice solutions. The relationships and knowledge gained through our work on the national ITS program plan and the I-95 Corridor Coalition travel information consulting activities add value to our offerings in the ITS arena. Read more


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is second only to the project design in delivering a successful project. Involving stakeholders in the process along with project designers provides the opportunity to gain a mutual understanding while creating a more inclusive product.
KMJ has a keen understanding of these needs and an approach to ferret out/drill down to generate a productive and effective program that engages the project stakeholders and provides the designers with valuable information. We take great care to assure the needs of the lay person are addressed with respect and compassion.
Above all, our transportation experience enables us to be the valuable third-party interface to the engineers.
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Software and Systems Training, Testing and Support

TRAINING – KMJ meshes its technical and communication skills to develop a training program to allow the user to succeed. By understanding the training material and the audience, KMJ is able to create a learning experience tailored for the particular user to provide a positive and effective experience. We’ve used this process for software training and development, hardware (DMS) training and customer service training (TMC).
TECHNICAL SUPPORT – KMJ provides timely, informative and responsive user technical support for national transportation data programs. On occasion this includes training, presentations and hands-on guidance.
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Meet Karen Jehanian

HP_Karen_Jehanian_Photo"Karen is the president and owner of KMJ Consulting Inc. She is an innovator and thought leader in the transportation and business community with more than 35 years in the transportation consulting business. She is a direct stakeholder in her clients’ successes. Karen focuses on understanding their needs, working proactively to sort out issues, anticipate problems, and identify viable solutions.
Karen earned both a BS in Civil Engineering and Masters of Business Administration degrees from Drexel University where she is an active alumna. Karen has held various leadership positions and is currently a member of the Close School of Entrepreneurship External Board and a frequent guest lecturer for the College of Engineering and other schools. She is an active member of WTS, as a member of the Executive Women’s Roundtable, and participant in the TransportationYou program. In 2009, she was named Transportation Engineer of the Year by the Philadelphia Section of ASCE.
Karen’s Resume